Magic in the world of Svet can accomplish just about anything. However, it takes both skill, knowledge, and power in order to achieve these things. Magic is a large part of many cultures in this world, though it is not the same in all regions. There are two different sorts, known as Magecraft, and Witchcraft.

Magecraft Edit

The first of the two magical techniques, Magecraft is a specialty of Aeterna. Its teachings are a close guarded secret of the Grand College. No, they will not turn away outsiders who hunger for knowledge, but simply being taught the Ancient Words does not mean that one can teach them to another. It requires understanding and intimate knowledge that simply cannot be conveyed without the necessary materials. There have been attempts to steal this knowledge by other nations, however, all attempts have been fruitless.

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Witchcraft Edit

With Aeterna having a monopoly on what could even remotely be referred to as structured magic, the tribal peoples to both the North and the South needed to come up with a solution. It was discovered by both that one can weave even common words together to create phrases that can channel the magic. However, it is not so simple as saying the words. This sort of magic can be seen as an art style all its own, with poems, rhymes, and chants all being used. Skill is often considered more important in this practice than knowledge (though, without knowledge, one is liable to fail completely, or kill themselves outright).

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