This page outlines the main events that happen in Svet. In order to qualify for this page, events must be multi-national, such as competitions between nations, great pilgrimages, and the such.

Hero Tournament Edit

The Hero Tournament, arguably the most prestigious, widespread tournament in Svet. This tournament is open to all four of the nations, and is held in a different nation each year. Powerful warriors, adventurers, mages, and all other sort of individuals gather to participate. The Hero Tournament lasts for an entire week, during which the participants are put through a grueling series of trials, each designed to test their endurance, strength, combat effectiveness, and knowledge.

The trials include, but are not limited to; races, sword fighting, archery, rune reading, beast wrestling, and javelin throwing. These are but a few of the many trials that await those that attempt the Hero Tournament. The victor is hailed as the greatest Hero of Svet, and his or her name is praised in song throughout the lands. The victor is invited to dine with the highest ranking lords of all of the nations, and is awarded the Hero's Crown, an item of great prestige, effectively granting the individual influence akin to that of the King of Aeterna himself.

Belladonna Tourney Edit

The Tourney of Belladonna is open to all for nations but limited practioners of Witchcraft, while it is a predominantly female tourney there are a few male participants. The tourney lasts a week during which the contestants are challenged in obscure ways to test them and their magical propensities.

The tasks include but are not limited to; rune reading, scrying, incantation complexity, will, and ability to stay alive. The victor is bestowed the title of Belladona and a copy of Belladonna's own more complex spells.