The world's religion contains eight gods. Each having it's own temples and branches extending off of it. The afterlife varies by which god or goddess you served.

There is speak of a place beyond the great desert where there is a massive temple home to all gods and goddesses.

Maitreyi Edit

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Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position. —Brian Tracy

Like her mother in so many ways, she is the embodiment of intelligence, justice, and the figurehead of leadership. Leaders, Judges, and even parents often call upon her and seek both wisdom and guidance. Her priests and priestesses are highly renowned for their work as judges often settling disputes .

Colors: Pink, Red, and Purple.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: scrolls, scepters, peacocks.

Sacrifices of preference: Feathers, paper, wood, and books (blank).

Holidays: Garai(June 20); Midsummer Feast, where fires are lit in honor of both the mother's sacrifice and her birth. It is associated with a birth and death. Celebrations last from dawn till dawn again.

Aagney Edit

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For us, warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another’s life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.-unknown

Third child born of the mother, he is the sun and light of the world. God of both the sky and sun he shines as brightly as his mother. He is commonly worshipped by men, both elderly and young alike; or those who seek courage of heart and a bright after life. His priests are both wise in wit and quick of hand, they are most known for their work with the elderly and assisting those in need of food and shelter. A note of this lords heart and generosity.

Colors: Red and Orange.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: Fire, Sun, and Lion.

Sacrifices of preference: Peppers, spices, and ceramics.

Holidays: Julyarra(July 24) is a celebrated on the hottest day of the year. It is celebrated with a blessing ceremony, speeches, and sporting competitions.

Amba Edit

Persephone Daughter of Greek Goddess Demeter (2)

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Mother Teresa

The first child of the mother is the lady Amba, Goddess of Love, she is the most compassionate as she was born from the very sadness of her mother, in effort to sooth the aching of her mothers heart. It is known she has a weakness for children oft filling their harts with happiness and joy of youth. Being the only goddess to wed she has also become the symbol of marriage, granting unions is a specialty of the priests within her temples. Through her wedding to Aagney she is more often shown as a supporting while ....sometimes disagreeing entirely.

Colors: Blue and White.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: Cats, silver bands, and owls.

Sacrifices of preference: Cloth, sweets, and wheat.

Holidays: Celebration of Petals(February 14); This holiday celebrates romance and falls when the spring petals are in full bloom. It is marked with sporting competitions, dancing, and gift giving.

Narak Edit


"...." *nods*

The second child of the mother is the silent god of darkness, known to keep the creatures of dark at bay, each night a battle to keep the earth safe

Colors: Black and red.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: Moon, Shadows.

Sacrifices of preference: Metal, weapons, blankets, coin.

Holidays: Aelilleth (December 21) The longest night of the year is celebrated by carving gourds, making frightful creatures and having a big holiday feast, making sure to leave out food for the Nightguard for they'll need the energy this night the most.

Raama Edit

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Each person is an enigma. You're a puzzle not only to yourself but also to everyone else, and the great mystery of our time is how we penetrate this puzzle. - Theodore Zeldin

Ramma is the final child of the mother, born out of her death, he is the mystery still yet on earth and the one who prepared the mother for her journey back to the flame, it is also for this reason most opt to burn their deceased in effort to send them back to the mother for from her ashes, we sprouted, and to the flame should we be returned. He is most often portrayed as a solemn and strict character, preferring intelligence and honor in his priests and priestesses.

Colors: Black and Gray.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: Crow, Ravens, and a book.

Sacrifices of preference: Books, feather, and coin.

Holidays: Ineetan(November 26) is a happy holiday that honors the living and dead. It is marked with a special meal, often quiet reflection, and a candle march.

Samar Edit

Samar =
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Colors: Gold, Yellow and Red.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: Wolves, Swords, and Shields.

Sacrifices of preference:

Holidays: Sevlti(September 19)

Banni Edit

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Fourth child of the mother, she was born of the earth itself and along side her mother she began to create the creatures that inhabit it. It is said flowers sprout from the ground she steps upon, and there are many stories of her being on earth. She is both a healer and caretaker, so both doctors and those down on their luck often pray to her for assistance. Her temples tend to be small and far in-between as her priests are known to travel giving aid to those who need it most, and gathering supplies to help in case of disasters. As such there are more often wells dedicated to the goddess as water is seen as a source of wisdom and healing.

Colors: Green and Brown.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols: Wells, Birds, and Flowers.

Sacrifices of preference:It is said Banni rewards any offering to her, so coins are often tossed into her wells...which coincidentally is where the wishing well tradition came from.

Holidays: Alderfine (April 22), is marked with singing, gift-giving, and an item hunt.

Apapho Edit



Colors: Blue, Green, Black.

Items, Creatures, and Symbols:

Sacrifices of preference:

Holidays: Evalti (October 31)- This autumn holiday honors the mischievous god. It is marked with playing games, music, and dressing in costume.

Creation StoryEdit

In the beginning, before there was man, before there was even existence, there was only darkness, and in this darkness, a single flame. From this flame came a woman, and the woman was the flame. She was beautiful, beautiful beyond the eyes of mortal man.

She gazed about at the darkness, and she felt alone. Great sadness came over her, and she wept. Her tears rolled down her face, and pooled in the darkness before her, and the tears became a child, small and beautiful. With a smile on her face, the woman picked up this child, and named her Amba, Love. This was the first of her children. As the woman held her child, he gazed around at the darkness, and wondered at the things that it may hide. She felt... fear. And something stirred in the darkness. Turning her gaze on it, another child appeared, this one of pale skin and dark eyes. He watched her, silently, before stepping over to her, and sitting beside her. She smiled, and named him Narak, Darkness. This was the second of her children.

The woman decided that her children should have something other than the darkness, something not of the darkness, but separate completely. So, she created light in the sky, stars. They shone and illuminated the darkness. One of these stars, the brightest of them all, descended down, and landed before her and her children. Narak glared at it with hate, and the star became a child. This new child, shining like the star he once was, scowled at Narak in return. The woman quickly separated them, and named the star child Aagney, Sun. This was the third of her children. The woman decided that her children deserved more, but what? Then, she decided to create the world. With her hands, she shaped the land and sky, and beside her, another child, born of the earth, walked beside her, creating plants and flowers wherever her hands touched. The woman smiled, and nodded in thanks. She named the young girl Banni, Creator. This was the fourth of her children. Next, the woman spread her hands wide, and declared that this world would belong to her children. The four were gleeful, and began to explore this new world. However, Narak and Aagney soon came to conflict, each demanding rights to what the other had. The woman, upset by this, stepped forward to stop them, but another stepped to them first. A large boy, strong in body, and firm in face, struck both into submission. Both Darkness and Sun looked at him with respect, and then glared at each other, before turning to go their separate ways. The new child looked at his mother and smiled. The woman, though a bit unsure about this new child, smiled and accepted him as the balancing force. She named him Samar, Warrior. He was the fifth of her children. As the woman watched her children explore this new world, and add to it as they pleased, she decided that she would have her fun. As Narak created dark places, she created small creatures which glowed, and had them appear there. This was a surprise to him, and he was perplexed. When Aagney created great sources of light, she reached forward to create something else. But another hand was there, a smile on his face, an impish child. This new child created darkness on the other side of things, created by Aagney's light, which perplexed the Sun greatly. The woman smiled, and took the child's hand, as they went to Amba, who was creating great birds of beauty. The child, with a gleeful smile, mixed some other birds into the flock, dark, ugly birds, who caused a raucous noise and made the other birds flee. The woman shook her head, and named the boy Apaphos, Mischief. This was the sixth of her children. Narak and Apaphos decided to, for the first of any the children, work together, to create something. They created a small animal, with a long tail. It was a clever creature, at home in darkness, while also being docile, friendly even. They took it to their mother, and she smiled, taking the creature in her hands. But they had created something else, something that neither had intended. Soon, their mother grew sick, much to the worry of all of her children. As they began to bicker amongst one another, she watched with sadness, as her strength left her. However, another child appeared, one much like her, in her likeness. The child stepped forward, and her very presence pacified the others. The woman smiled, and named the child Maitreyi, Leader. This was the seventh of her children. As time went on, the woman's health began to fade, as her children watched helplessly. Soon, she died, and from her final breath, another child appeared. This one was quiet, and looked back at the woman without expression. Then, he turned to Narak, and Apaphos, and declared them as the causes of her death. The two fled, both in anguish and regret, as the other children cast curses upon them. This final child, named himself Raama, Death. Narak fled to the dark depths of the world, hiding himself away. Apaphos hid his anguish behind a smile, causing trickery wherever he went, in an effort to keep away the sorrow. Eventually, he forgot why he did what he does.


The Old Judges, advisors of Maitreyi, the wisest men and women in existence.

The Nightguard, fighters of the darkness, a mixture of the most fearless, and terrifying, warriors in existence. Where Samar's warriors are known for their great feats and accomplishments, those of Narak's are known for their sacrifices. A warrior of Narak's Nightguard may not necessarily be the strongest, but he/she will never flee, never surrender.

The Hall of Eternal Heroes, is home of those warriors are known for their great feats and accomplishments. These Heroes of Legend worshipped Samar and for it he gave them eternal glory.

The Library of Greater Mystery is home to the few who worship Raama, the eternal students are said to be reborn to grow their knowledge of what is.

The Garden of Healers is where the worshippers of Banni come to escape their earthly bindings. The worshippers of Banni oft go without in their physical lives to help others, here they want not and all that ails them slips away.


A tale of the goddess Banni involves two lepers who appear at her sacred well and pray to be healed. She tells them to bathe each other with water from the well until their skin has healed. After the first one healed, he felt repulsed for the other and would not touch him. Banni was angered and caused his leprosy to return to him. She then placed her cloak around the other leper's shoulders and he is healed immediately.