1) Respect the staff. This should go without saying. And never be afraid to ask them anything. They are here to help.

2) No godmodding. Avoid adding new abilities to a character as a battle is in progress. Also, in terms of direct power struggles, the individual with higher rank will generally win.

3) Please attempt to post more than one line at a time when roleplaying. There is, however, no real maximum limit on the length of your posts.

5) Put the rank of your character next to their name in parenthesis of some sort. Example: Bob (C), Bob [C], Bob {C}

6) A faceclaim is required to roleplay, even if the other individual(s) you are roleplaying with do not ask for one. It is just courteous to have a reference for your character's appearance.

7) Posts in the roleplay must be in color. For those that are not aware, this is done by doing /me and then whatever your post is.

8) No killing off other characters without the permission of their creators. Also, no rape, maiming, or any other such actions against those characters without the permission of the character(s) creator.

9) Smutting must be taken to the smut room. Not everyone enjoys a good show. Also, please clear the room after you are done with your smut.

10) Advertising for other rooms will NOT be tolerated. End of story. Offenders will be banned.

11) No metagaming. What you know, and what your character knows, are two very different things.

12) Do not intentionally harass others, either In Character (IC) or Out of Character (OOC).

13) What happens IC stays IC, do not take IC issues into OOC. Discussing the RP, talking about possible solutions to a problem, etc, is permitted, but OOC hate will not be tolerated.