Below is a list of current technologies that have had a profound effect on the world of Svet and its people. These technologies range from simple clocks and compasses, to massive war machines, and firearms.

Civil Technologies Edit

Technologies that are, in general, used for improving the life of the civilian population, production of goods, and economic improvement.

Agriculture Edit

Plantations Edit

Within the last 100 years, plantations have started to arise, especially in Aeterna and Ikhaya. These plantations grow certain crops, ranging from grapes to hops, both of which are generally processed into alcohol.

Wine Press Edit

Developed from the Printing Press, the Wine Press makes the manufacturing of wine a much quicker and streamlined process.

Architecture Edit

Treadwheel Crane Edit

A large crane, manned by 4 men, used to hoist and lower supplies.

Harbor Crane Edit

Large cranes used for the movement of supplies at docks and harbors.

Art Edit

Oil Painting Edit

Just recently, the first Oil Paintings have begun to arise, coming mostly from Shima

Clocks Edit

Mechanical Clocks Edit

Mechanical Clocks are beginning to become a mainstay of many economically stable homes. The clocks are helpful in that they show the exact time of day, without having to go through the trouble of using the sun and shadows.

Metalworking Edit

Foundries Edit

The introduction of large, organized foundries has made the manufacturing of metal tools and weapons much more efficient, allowing them to be mass produced on a large scale.

Blast Furnace Edit

The development of the Blast Furnace has allowed metals and alloys to be made far more efficiently from different ores, producing much purer, and thus stronger, metals.

Milling Edit

Paper Mill Edit

Paper Mills have revolutionized the paper making process, and allowed the spread and teaching of literature to progress much quicker than before.

Water Hammer Edit

By using flowing water to turn a large wheel, the resulting energy is used in order to drive a metal head, in a fashion similar to hammer work in smithing. This is both faster, and less work intensive than manual hammering.

Navigation Edit

Compass Edit

The development of the compass has greatly improved exploration and travel, allowing individuals to pinpoint locations and directions much quicker that before.

Printing and Reading Edit

Letter Type Printing Press Edit

The innovation of making casts of individual letters, rather than the entire document to be printed, revolutionized the printing process, allowing pieces to be reused, and new documents to be made faster.

Spectacles Edit

In the last two decades, the first spectacles have been developed, both helping those who are near or far sighted, as well as providing scholars with a way to continue studies for longer with less stress, as the spectacles reduce the stress on their eyes.

Education Edit

Rural Academies Edit

The first academies outside of the major capitals have just recently began to open, providing education for those in the less wealthy communities, and who cannot travel to the capitals.

Textile Industry Edit

Spinning Wheel Edit

Spinning wheels have become a widespread tool, used to spin wool into string. The use of this tool has made the practice much more efficient than the outdated practice of doing it by hand.

Horizontal Loom Edit

Horizontal Looms are an innovation that makes the weaving of cloth much faster than older style looms.

Travel Edit

International Portal System (IPS) Edit

A recent innovation and project, which has taken over 20 years to fully realize, is the International Portal System. This system allows the capitals of each nation to connect to the capitals of the others, greatly improving trade, communication, and relations between the nations. Due to these portals, which take the form of a large stone slab, surrounded by jeweled obelisks, a trip that would normally take 2 or 3 months through harsh terrain, instead takes mere minutes of relative safety.

Miscellaneous Edit

Chess Edit

A new past time has developed as of late. This game, one of strategy, is known as Chess. It can often be seen in the homes of wealthy, high ranking individuals, though cruder, home made sets can also be found in poorer homes.

Magnets Edit

Recent combinations of magic and metal have produced magnets, curious objects that are attracted to certain metals, and, under certain conditions, eachother.

Liquor Edit

The development and production of alcohol as a whole has advanced, with different types arises every day. The main variants are Vodka from Nashazemlya, Sake from Shima, Whiskey and Wine from Aeterna, and Gin and Brandy from Ikhaya.

Mirrors Edit

Recent developments have resulted in the creation of mirrors, pieces of glass that reflect one's image. These objects can be found in the homes of the wealthy.

Military Technologies Edit

Armor Edit

Plate Armor Edit

Plate Armor is some of the heaviest armor available, while providing the most protection overall. It can turn aside sword blows, and blunt the edges of axes.

Chainmail Edit

A lighter sort of armor, generally worn like a shirt, or in the joints of heavier armors, this sort of armor helps to dampen some damage, and prevent the wearer from cutting.

Gunpowder Weapons Edit

Flintlock Weapons Edit

Recent developments in firearms, which have been of major interest to Shima, Ikhaya, and Aeterna, have resulted in what are known as Flintlock Weapons. These weapons use gunpowder to propel a small metal ball at high speeds. These weapons are very powerful, but there is generally no time in battle to reload. As it stands, they are rather lacking in range, but their power cannot be denied.

Cannons Edit

Heavy cannons are devastating weapons, crewed by 2 to 4 men, depending on the size of the piece, these weapons propel large balls of metal at incredible speeds. They have a long range, and can punch through any armor. Generally found defending large forts, and used in city sieges.

Artillery Edit

Trebuchet Edit

Massive constructs of wood and metal, these mechanical marvels are most often used as siege artillery, lobbing massive pieces of stone and rock long distances, smashing through walls and buildings alike.

Ballista Edit

Massive crossbows, crewed by 2 to 4 men, these machines launch large bolts over long distances. Larger pieces are used as medium range artillery, whereas smaller pieces are used as anti-armor pieces, stabbing through armor with relative ease.

Infantry Missile Weapons Edit

Longbows Edit

Having a high rate of fire, as well as range, these weapons, especially when used by massed infantry, can cause significant damage. The arrows can be arced over obstacles as well, causing deadly arrow barrages.

Crossbow Edit

Requiring less specialized skill, crossbows still manage to provide considerable damage output, while still being accurate. They lack the range and rate of fire of bows, but can punch through lighter armor with ease, as well as being more effective at closer ranges.