The land of Svet can be split into 5 separate regions. Nashazemlya, to the North. Shima, the island nation. Aeterna, the Grand Empire. Ikhaya, to the South. And finally, the Great Desert, a place of endless sand and sun.

Nashazemlya Edit

Capital City: Einsgrad

Ruling Title: Great Khan

Country Age: 848 Years

Nashazemlya is the result of numerous tribes uniting under the banner of Khan Roark, in the year 352. The Khan had spent 9 years in a massive crusade, conquering all of the lands North of Aeterna, and uniting the various tribes under his rule. At the end of his crusade, he named himself the first of the Great Khans. Since then, the title has been handed down to the mightiest general in each generation. Often, however, these generals will act in tandem with another individual, who they bestow the title of Minister on. The Minister acts as the governing body when it comes to things of peace, and other delicate matters. The Great Khan, of course, still has say, but generally delegates responsibilities to the Minister, except in times of War.

The People of Nashazemlya are hardy and tough, honed by the cold mountains of the North, as well as the dangerous beasts that roam the mountains. Nasha's, as the people of this land are known, are some of the fiercest warriors in the land, though the organization of their armies is lacking.

Shima Edit

Capital City: Yamashima

Ruling Title: Emperor

Country Age: 1063 Years

Shima is an island nation which, for many years, kept itself isolated from the rest of the world. For the longest time, all that its people knew of the other countries, was from minor excursions to the Northern coast of Aeterna, and the coast of Nashazemlya. As such, this country has developed its own unique culture, honor system, and art style. The country was founded in the year 137, when Shogun Sengoku united the 3 clans of this island nation. He then declared Yamashima as its capital, and was recognized as Emperor of all of Shima. Ever since, the crown has traveled down the bloodline, going from one eldest son to the next. There have, however, been two variances in this, when the Hideyoshi clan took the throne by force, in the year 707, and then, again, when the Daigo clan revolted and took over in the year 1,086. For now, the political state of the country seems to be stable.

The military of Shima is arguably the most well organized of all 4 countries, being able to rally for war more efficiently than any of the others. The value of each soldier is said to be equal to two soldiers of any other nation, something that would be necessary for this small nation, considering that it has both the smallest population, as well as the smallest standing army.

Aeterna Edit

Capital City: Magna Urbs

Ruling Title: King

Country Age: 1200 Years

The official calendar begins at the founding of Aeterna, making this the oldest of all the nations. It was the first to unite, and is the wealthiest of all the nations. It united under the banner of King George Holme, after a bloody 3 year war between the North and the South, which were once the kingdoms of Camone and Aeterna, respectively. When the South claimed victory, the Capital city of Camone was razed to the ground, and the rest of the country was pulled into the fold. There are few who recall the history of these events, however, and even fewer who care anymore. The crown began traveling down the bloodline of Holme, from eldest son to eldest son. However, as a tradition, every third generation must pass it to an eldest son of another royal family. This law is enforced by the Grand College, foremost power in Magic in the land of Svet.

The military power of Aeterna is claimed to be the most powerful, boasting the largest number of both fresh conscripts, and aged veterans. It also boasts the greatest benefits of any military, with men and woman serving for a certain number of years, before being taken from active duty, to become teachers of the next generation of soldiers, after which they retire entirely, being given both title and prestige by the ruling royal family.

Ikhaya Edit

Capital City: Inkosi

Ruling Title: Umholi

Country Age: 438 Years

The youngest of the great nations, Ikhaya is not as united as the others, yet, all tribes within it pledge allegiance to the Umholi. It was not until the year 762 that this nation was united. It was united by the allegiance of the Chieftains of the 9 great tribes, with the greatest among them proclaimed Umholi. In addition to the Umholi, each tribe has a Representative, who acts as a part of the governing body. In votes on important events, each Representative gets a vote, with the Umholi's vote counting as 3. If a decision needs to be made quickly, however, the Umholi has the right to make such a decision. The next Umholi is elected by popular vote from the Representatives from each of the tribes. No individual may vote for themselves, and each member must vote. The Umholi may not be from the same tribe twice in a row.

The land of Ikhaya is one of great grasslands, and the beating sun. The people of this land are strong, and fleet of foot. Family is valued above all else, including honor. The military of this land is fragmented, with each tribe offering up warriors in times of need. However, if allowed to mass together, the warriors will fight until the last, and their hardiness is enough to turn away even the strongest of armies.

The Great Desert Edit

To the West, much of the continent is dominated by the Great Desert, an expanse of sand and hot sun that is unforgiving. Water and greenery is rare in this landscape, and there is little incentive to take this land. If one looks carefully, however, it is possible that they will find the ruins of some ancient civilization, long lost to the shifting sands. The 4 countries of the current era have been protect from this fate by the mountains that stand between them and the Desert.